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Members of BAM, BISC, and BWPC have been meeting to discuss the remarkable opportunity under the banner of “Friends of the New Bainbridge Pool”. The group is receiving updates from the property donors, is consulting with representatives of Myrtha Pools (maker of Olympic and other competition pools), and other outside experts, and is endeavoring to keep the Island’s swimming community apprised of progress related to the new pool opportunity.

BAM - Bainbridge Aquatics Masters 

BISC - Bainbridge Island Swim Club 

BWPC - Bainbridge Water Polo Club

Current Members

  • Beth Lipton (BAM/BWPC) 

  • Brian Livingston (BISC) 

  • Carol Nakhuda (BISC) 

  • Jennifer Rich (BWPC/BISC) 

  • Morgan Rohrbach (BWPC/BAM/BISC)

  • Sean Rich (BWPC/BISC)

  • Steve Letson (BISC) 

  • Steven Screen (BWPC/BISC) 

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